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Disposable plastic has infiltrated every part of modern life. With the convenience it brings, it's easy to overlook the hidden true cost of plastic on our environment. Each day, thousands of sea creatures die from getting entangled in or choking on plastic. Micro-plastics are entering our food chain. Climate change is accelerating from the overproduction of single use items.

The good news is that disposable plastic is on its way out. Bans on takeaway cups, straws and bags have been implemented both around the world and in Australia. Major brands like Starbucks and McDonald's are phasing out plastic straws. A revolution of the way we do things is taking place right now.

But it's happening a bit too slowly, so here's how to speed things up.

Raise Awareness

The easiest way is telling your friends and family about the destructive effects of plastic. Switch to reusable products where possible, avoid plastic waste and show your journey on social media. Even by simply using your reusables, you're influencing the people who see you to be environmentally friendly.

Ask Businesses to Change

Let businesses know that you care about their stance on the environment. Ask them on social media, via email or in person to be mindful of their waste. Purchase from stores that accept reusable cups and straws. Voting with your wallet is the most impactful way to create widespread change.

Take Action at Your School or University

Large communities of people are great at doing things effectively. Get involved with the environmental campaigns at your school. We are happy to provide discount for educational institutions or workplaces to get more people on board with the reuse revolution.

If you need our help in doing any of these things, drop an email at