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With awareness of the harmful environmental impacts of our choices higher than ever, there is no better time than now to align your business with sustainability and appeal to the rising generation of conscious consumers.

BubCup is working to become a recognised brand Australia for reusable bubble tea cups and straws. With a generous social media following, strict quality control and an established network of retailers, it's our mission to revolutionise the beverage industry.

We offer a variety options for your business to join us on the journey to eliminate waste.


Let bubble tea lovers know your business is committed to being environmentally responsible. The easiest way is to offer something when customers bring a reusable cup or straw - whether that'd be a discount, upsize or free toppings!


We're always on the lookout for new retailers to spread the reuse mission. Whether you're a large chain, gift shop or independent bubble tea store, we're keen to work together for a cleaner future.


We have various customisation options to match your unique brand. Have your logo printed on our cups, straws and bags for a perfectly cohesive aesthetic. For a sustainable approach to marketing, get in touch today.